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Karen Rowinsky - Wednesday, January 10, 2018
How much time and energy have you wasted in the last week looking for something you misplaced...Keys? Sunglasses? Phone? Your car?

Keep it simple!

Starting today put your keys and sunglasses in the same pocket of your handbag each time you are done with them. Take the extra second to put them in their special place each and every time.

For phones, tablets, or other "stuff" you use frequently, don't just throw them on your desk or leave them on the counter. Assign a place for them and take the time to put them where they belong.

As for your car...stop looking for the best spot in places you frequent regularly like the supermarket or work. Start parking in the same spot/area each time.

The time you save doing the above will add up. If you are like most people, you can accumulate enough extra minutes not searching for something to do something you actually want to do! If you can find your stuff you get to keep your time!

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