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Karen Rowinsky - Friday, December 29, 2017

Are you making new year's resolutions or intentions for 2018? It seems like the more years we live, the less confidence we have in following through on our wishes for the new year. We may half-heartedly say we are going to make a change on January 1 but assume we will fail. Some of the more optimistic among us go into the year with great resolve only to see it slip away before February. Many of us don't even bother!

If you would like to make some changes and look to the new year as a time for a fresh start, you 
may find the following helpful:
  • Set your changes as measurable goals. Write them in shorter time segments than a whole year, i.e. "By March 31, I will have read one book."
  • Make a list of what could prevent you from reaching your goal. The list could include stress, procrastination, sabotage by others, etc. Then plan a proactive strategy to deal with each roadblock.
  • Develop a means of accountability. Whether it be a person with whom you report progress or an in-person or on-line group, it helps to share progress and/or challenges with others to keep you on target.
  • Deal with setbacks. Realistically, it is inevitable that you will experience slip-ups and backslides into old habits. My good friend and business coach, Mark LeBlanc, has a great solution for this. He recommends that you "reset your counters" every day. In other words, if you mess up, begin your intention again tomorrow rather than chucking the whole thing until next Monday or next year or never.

Fresh starts enable you to live the life you want. Knowing that change can be difficult, self care is about being pro-active to give your goals, resolutions, or intentions every chance of being met!

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