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Give it the Attention it Deserves

Karen Rowinsky - Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Studies have shown multi-tasking to be not as helpful in getting things done as most of us believe. Yet in today's busy world, who doesn't try to do more than one thing at a time?

Unfortunately, when we try to do multiple things at once, we end up feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. With those emotions on board, it often takes us longer to complete tasks than it would have had we done them one at a time. 

I don't want to stress you more by suggesting that you quit multi-tasking altogether (although reducing yours if it is becoming a problem for you might not be such a bad idea). But here is a tip if you find yourself frazzled and need to slow down to concentrate on one thing. 

It comes from an article in an airline magazine I read on a recent flight. Margaret Moore, an author of the book, Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life: Train Your Brain to Get More Done in Less Time suggests that you imagine that there is a spotlight in the middle of your forehead. By moving your head, you shine the beam of light on only the thing you need to think about or do. Everything else is in darkness. 

Try it. If other thoughts begin to intrude, bring your mind back to that beam of light shining on the thought or task at hand.

Self care can be your choice to give things the attention they deserve, one at a time.  

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