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Pack Light

Karen Rowinsky - Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Thank you to my favorite travel expert, Rick Steves, for the inspiration for this tip. Rick suggests packing light when traveling so that rather than carrying the burden of heavy baggage, you are freer to enjoy yourself.

I suggest you take this one step further. Most of us carry "baggage" from the past with us. This can be hurt feelings, old grudges, or memories of mistreatment. Next time you gather with family or friends, whether it be birthdays, holidays, or a Sunday dinner,  pack light. Just for a day or two, try to leave the baggage behind and free yourself up to enjoy the moment. 

Doing this doesn't mean that you forgive or forget the past hurt; that may require more than a "self care tip." Packing light for you can be a choice to care for yourself in a way that enables you to be present with a lighter heart and a more joyful spirit. 

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